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Mercantile Import Company .

Customs Trade kit, a wholesaling / distribution company that helps artisans or agents within the fashion apparel / textile / accessory industry to temporarily, display and showcase their merchandise via a showroom thus giving designers a platform to market their products and services through carefully selected channels and retail partners.

Not all designers are alike and this company believes in the importance to protect and promote the individuality of each designers label and therefore our  marketing merchandising department will design a custom-made strategy built around each brand’s that relates to each unique positioning and identity. The company believes by investing in new talent, research and innovation this company will strive to continue to support brands and designers in the pursue of sustainable growth and global reach. We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and trademark law focus will absolutely be an asset to your business.

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Our Showroom

Temporary housing through a Carnet (seasonal or 1 year)

U.S. Customs Imports

Import with confidence and to be U.S. complaint directly from a solicit sale.

Other Services

Experience Freight Forwarding service world wide and available for time sensitive deliveries. Drawbacks and warehousing if needed.