What is Customs Compliance?

Customs compliance are a set of standards outlined by the President of the United States, U.S. Congress, U.S. Customs Boarder Protection and other Government Agencies to protect the revenue of the United States and public safety. These standards protects the interest of international trade and the Trade Community from fraud, smuggling, force labor, counterfeits, pirated goods, and dishonest practices. Failure to adhere to trade compliance and its rules and regulations, CBP has the authority to issue liquidated damages, fines, penalties, confiscation of merchandise to export back at the expense of the importer or to destroy all merchandise at the expense of the importer.

To expedite your merchandise quickly through U.S. CBP, the importer of record who is responsible for being compliant as follows:

  • Applying rules and regulations towards Free Trade (Tariff Programs) Programs
  • Applying rules and regulations that relates to your merchandise and Items.
  • Proper Classification that determines duty rate.
  • Detail description on a commercial invoice to determine duty rate.
  • Proper labels and labeling on merchandise.
  • A surety bond if merchandise is over $2500.00 (Single or Continuous)
  • Proper duties and all paperwork needed that accompanies all Merchandise and Items imported.
  • Detail listings and a true full description of all items including weights and measures, quantity in each box and proper marks on your packing slips, commercial invoices and boxes.
  • Properly declare the actual transaction value for each item boxed (do not include the cost of direct and indirect cost of manufacture, insurance, assists, shipping fees etc.)
  • If paid in foreign currency, currency must be converted to dollars at the time and day a vessel, aircraft or cartage leaves a foreign port. Only the day of export.
  • Proper timing for filing ISF.
  • Import permits if applies to your merchandise.
  • Provide the true full name of the shipper and the receiver, correct address, and complete contact information like an email address or phone number. (nick names, alias, or shortening of a name is not permitted.)

As a note: Any deceit, misinformation, improper names or missing documents upon arrival for inspection by CBP, your merchandise will be detained for further inspection or waiting for missing documents by CBP is at the expense of the importer.