Why do I need to file a CBP form 5106

CBP form 5106 is a basic form to establish your identity to conduct business of importing at any port of entry in the United States and its territories. Each person, business firm, government agency or other organization that intends to file an import entry must file a 5106. This form has multiple purposes, one is to establish or update an Importer account with CBP which CBP will enter a new importer/ principal into CBP’s ACE data base, this will provide for subsequent customs transactions. Second, an assigned filer code will be issued that will be used for the importers first formal entry or request for services, this will result in the issuance of a bill or a refund check upon adjustment of a cash collection.

The use of your filer code will be tract on every entry transaction that the importer will make. On each entry, CBP will collect and maintain records on all commercial goods imported into the United States, this will not relive you from maintaining your own records which must be maintained at your place of business (see CFR 19 Part 163 Record Keeping, how many years to maintain records). CBP will also collect and maintain records along with carrier, broker, importer, and other ACE-ITDS Portal user account and manifest information. CBP will use this information to track, control, and process all commercial goods imported into the United States. This facilitates the flow of legitimate shipments, and assists the Department of Homeland (DHS)/CBP in targeting illicit goods. With all entries that are made, CBP will continue to use what is called “Routine Uses” which the information requested on this form may be shared externally, as a “routine use” with appropriate federal, state, local, tribal, or foreign governmental agencies, or multilateral governmental organizations.